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Brand ID

“The symbol is a shortcut, telling
your unique narrative”

Brand Influence

The shape, the form, the typography, the motif, that visual representation, the aural tone, the tone of voice, the metaphoric language, the videos, the style of imagery, oh and the logo - yeah we do all of that.


"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

We are all victors, victims or perpetrators of this business of naming. What’s in a name, well kind of everything. When your parents gave you your first name, they may have laboured over it, plucked a historical family name, stuck a junior at the end, or just waited for a priest to give you the first letter of your future name. Beyond the genesis of how your name was chosen, it says an incredible amount about you, and could signal your nationality, social class (does that still exist?), your vintage (also known as your age bracket) and possibly your family religion. But you’re stuck with it, whether you like, love, despise or are indifferent to it.


I think you know where I’m going worthy this. The same applies to your brand. You can stick a shiny new logo and promote to the moon and back, but the delicate dark arts of conjuring a great name that feels like your brand, is attractive, memorable, has a good mouth feel, protectable and even possibly has brand extensions is kinda tricky.


We love the lexicon of words and doused with some creativity kerosene means using our proved methodology, we can help you find that name, a bit like Goldilocks.


Here are just a few:


3 Wise Bears




Nimble Jack

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