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“No matter how many times you squeeze an orange, you will never get apple juice”

Wayne Dyer

Brand is the essence of a combination of experiences, symbols, words and perceptions. The orange juice metaphor also deliciously describes organisations and brands.  We can make as many shiny logos, and uber beautiful digital UI, however, the truth of who you are when you are squeezed is where we play.


We can help you articulate to answers to questions such as, why you exist and defining your purpose. Beyond the ideology of the brand, means understanding the behaviours and values needed to arrive at your vision, your brand personality (using psychometrics), and your customer's self-image. We also examine your:

- customer personas and enemy customers

- the value and narrative a customer receives beyond the transaction

- positioning

- value propositions

- brand assets, namely the touchpoints whether they are visual, aural,  touch, taste and smell.


Although we can use all forms of insight building, we are increasingly using crowdsourcing as a tool, as it is inclusive, additive, fast and affordable.


“We use crowd-sourcing to build your brand, 2000 heads are better than one”
Brand Influenza

What if we could harness the collective wisdom of your, staff, customers, partners, suppliers and any else who is important to your organisation. What if they could help you answer some of the really big questions like:

- how the brand sees itself

- how it sees its customers, 

- how customers see/experience the brand

- the narrative the customer experiences beyond the transaction


and if there is congruity it all this?


What if we had a method that invited :

- everyone to participate

- was totally anonymous

- builds on other people's great ideas

- was transparent

- like an online workshop, that open 24/7 and no post-its?


If everyone is engaged, then everyone owns it, and this means, it's not a few clever heads dictating what they feel will work, it's democratising brand and business strategy, and it's fun.



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